Humanitarian Demining: The Problem and the Challenge of Technology

Maki K. Habib
The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Landmines represent a global challenge as its detection and clearance are c and present complex technical problems while the technical solution to this problem is very challenging one. This talk introduces the problem of mines and its impact. It also, focuses on the aspects of demining, the requirements and the difficulties facing it. Then, it evaluates the available mine detection and clearance technologies along with their limitations and discusses the development efforts to automate tasks related to demining process wherever possible through mechanization and robotization. In addition, it aims to evaluate current humanitarian demining situations and technologies for the purpose to improve existing technologies and develop an innovative one with focus on robotics. It also introduces solutions and priorities beside the requirements in terms of technical features and design capabilities of a mobile platform that can accelerate the demining process, preserve the life of the mine clearing personnel and enhance safety. Greater resources need to be devoted to demining both to immediate clearance and to the development of innovated detection and clearance equipment and technologies.